I’m launching my own subscription-based UX agency

Michael J. Fordham
3 min readJun 30, 2023
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For years, I’ve been working with startups to help them realise their ideas and products. I’ve worked both as a software engineer and a UX designer, taking products from concept to paying customers.

I have been fortunate enough to have done pretty much everything you can imagine in terms of SaaS design and development. I’ve dealt with complex account management flows, I’ve built bespoke drag-and-drop design interfaces, managed integrations with complex third parties and implemented solutions with bleeding-edge technology like the blockchain. All of this was underpinned by extensive research and testing with potential users.

Thanks to this, I have a strong understanding of how to deliver the right product, in a timely manner and on a tight budget.

I’m also aware that so many founders and early-stage startups struggle with solving the right problem, connecting with their potential users and creating an MVP which can validate their understandings. I’ve seen teams jump into code before they have considered a design prototype. And then I’ve seen them revert back on months of work to start again, based on what they learned from their release.

So, that’s why I am starting Lightning UX.

As the name implies, Lightning UX is there for those that need professional UX design services in a flash.

A list of design services Lightning UX offers.

Inspired by the great work from Brett at Designjoy, Lightning UX has a uniquely flat rate for all clients. You can sign up for a monthly rolling subscription to the design service, see results within days, and when you’re satisfied you can pause or cancel whenever you like.

There are no hidden fees. You can request as many revisions on a design as you like. And you have instant access to a professional UX designer.

If you’re interested in becoming a client, I am offering 5% off for the first three months of your subscription with the code UXLAUNCH5. If you’d like a 30-minute chat before you subscribe to understand if Lightning UX is the right fit for you, you can book a spot in my calendar here.

I only have a limited number of client slots available due to my commitment to providing the highest quality work to my clients. Once the slots are filled, subscriptions will be closed until there are openings again.

Additionally, I am offering reduced quotes to non-profits who are working on projects that tackle important global problems like climate change, biodiversity loss and ocean care. If that sounds like you, please get in touch.

Get started with Lightning UX here. We are also launching on Product Hunt today, and if you want to support the idea, giving us an upvote there would be great.



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